Thursday, September 10, 2009


We are closed for eid till 26th September 2009

During this period, there will be no shipping done. You can still send me an email, though I may not be able to reply in a timely manner. Orders will still be handled on a first come first serve basis, so dont let that stop you from ordering something you like :), as in:

. Beautiful brooches to glam up your outfit! The large ones are huge and glamorous, and would make even the plainest outfit shine.
. Gorgeous fine embroidered abayas that is elegant! You will not get these items of these high quality at these prices anywhere else!

Watch out for new abayas after Eid!

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Budget Collection ( less than RM200)

Luxury Collection ( more than RM200)

ACE022 is available

Please Note: You can always order a custom made abaya. If you order an existing design, the price is still the same. Feel free to browse this site for design ideas

Read more on how you can order your custom made abaya.

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FREE POSTAGE when you order with an abaya!

Selendang Saudah:

You can choose Selendang Saudah made from scratch, or made from ready made scarves. Read more about it here.
Note: Currently all Selendang Saudah made from scratch is sold out. I will add new materials after Eid

I still have four pieces of these, in different colors:

You can opt to turn any of the ready-made scarves above into a Selendang Saudah, for only RM20 extra :)

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I still have a few SHAWLS FOR SCHOOL available:

50% of the profits from our other items still go to Nonah's College Fund

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To buy, email with:
1. The item code
2. Your name
3. The address where you want the item(s) to be sent, or choose "PickUp@ALIMKids"

Save up to 40% on postage by choosing to pick up your order at the ALIMKids Bookstore. Read how here.

Read more on our procedures and policies.

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