Monday, May 25, 2009


These special, hand embroidered wool shawls are especially for Nonah's College Fund.
75% of the profits from their sale goes to sending Nonah to school.

These shawls are divine! They are 100% wool, soft and are lovingly hand embroidered by kashmiri hands.
They are perfect for the coming fall/winter months or a cold office (be the envy of your colleagues!), or even worn off the shoulder with your favourite spring/summer dress. Exquisite and elegant enough even for a dinner party. It would look stunning against a black dress!
Buy it for yourself, or as a gift.
All shawls are roughly 2ft by 6ft.
RM245 each
Postage is RM25 per shawl, RM35 if you buy two.

Blue : SWE001

Black carnations : SWE002

Copper : SWE003

Maroon carnations : SWE004 - SOLD
(The color is darker in real life)

Black tulips : SWE005 - SOLD

Maroon Daisies : SWE006
(the color is darker in real life)

Available for re-order in different colors. Just tell me what you want.

To buy this, email with:
1. The item code SWE001/2/3/4/5/6
2. Your name
3. The address where you want the item(s) to be sent.

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Swahili said...

if you have a plain solid color shawl, or just black with not too much flowery motif, perhaps at the side, i will buy.

flowers are just not me la, bonda

elisataufik said...

Okie doke, will try to look for something like that.