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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do the sizes/measurements mean?
Chest - is the circumference of the abaya right underneath the armpit (or width of the abaya multiplied by 2). This is usually the smallest part of the abaya.
Length - is the length of the abaya from the shoulders to the bottom hem.

What is the difference between hemmed and unhemmed?
hemmed - the bottom edge of the abaya is already folded and sewn for you.
unhemmed - the bottom edge of the abaya is not sewn, therefore you must take into account hem allowance (roughly 3cms) when deciding whether it is too short for you.
Please note that a long abaya can be shortened, but a short abaya can never be lengthened.

Is the material suitable for Malaysian humid weather?
As much as possible, I would choose materials that are breathable and suitable in humid weather.
Usually, the matt fabrics are more breathable than the shiny ones. I would recommend that the shiny abayas be worn in the evening.
Please do understand that since these abayas are black, I do not recommend wearing them if you plan to stand in the sun for a long period of time.

What is 'button front'?
'Button front' means the abaya is split in front and has tack buttons as enclosures, just like a really long shirt. This style of abaya looks really nice when worn with long pants or jeans, or even with skirts. You can leave a few buttons unfastened at the bottom to show off your pants/jeans (or boots!) They look flowy and elegant, almost like Neo's (The Matrix) long coat ;)

What is 'pullover'?
A 'Pullover' abaya does not have splits. It's like a really long dress. The neck usually has small split so that you can push your head through. This style is simple and comfortable, and can be worn with anything (or nothing) underneath.
You can make a pullover abaya from a button front abaya by sewing shut the split. Leave a few buttons on the top of the abaya so that you can fit your head through.

Can I wash my abaya in the washing machine?
Please read "Caring For Your Abaya" for guidelines on how to best wash your abaya without damaging it.

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Why are all your scarves black?
Since most scarves are made to match the abayat, which are black, they are mostly black ;)
If and when I find nice colourful scarves or shawls (that are unique and not available in Malaysia), I will definitely feature them here :)

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How do I purchase something?
To buy, email with:
1. The item code
2. Your name
3. The address where you want the item(s) to be sent.

How do I pay?
At the moment, I accept online payments via transfers into RHB Bank Malaysia, or credit card or PayPal funds via the secure PayPal website.
Other methods of payments need to be discussed via email.

How long do I have to make my payment?
I will give you a window of three (3) days to complete your payment, and will put the item on hold for you for that long. If payment have not been received in three days, I will make the item available for other customers.

How long till I get my item?
I will mail your item within three (3) business days upon receiving confirmation of payment. I will inform you once your item have been mailed. Based on experience, Saudi Post Registered Mail usually takes 12-15 days to reach Malaysia.

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