Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nonah College Fund

I have a friend who, after years of soul searching, has finally decided that she would like to pursue a career doing something she truly loves, working with and for children. She's taking the first step towards it by enrolling in a Diploma Course in Children’s Welfare studies at Tafe, Perth.
Not being someone who expects things handed to her, she's determined to finance her way to college on her own.
She's doing a few things in order to raise money to pay her school fees and expenses. You can find out more of what she's willing to do at
If you are able and willing to help her in any way, please do.

We at Barang-barang Bonda will be contributing 50% of our profits to her college fund.
So, for every item you buy, a portion of it will go into sending my friend to school.

May Allah repay you for your kindness.

To buy, email with:
1. The item code
2. Your name
3. The address where you want the item(s) to be sent.

Read more on our procedures and policies.

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