Sunday, November 1, 2009

Extra-Large Brooches

Extra-Large sized brooches with high-quality korean crystals.
I only have one of each of these, so grab it while it's available!

All Brooches measure 9cm in diameter and are RM100 each.

BXL0034 Swirl Jewels Navy & BXL0035 Swirl Jewels Crimson

BXL0036 Swirl Jewels Sky & BXL0037 Swirl Jewels White on white

BXL0038 Swirl Jewels Amethyst & BXL0039 Swirl Jewels Garnet on yellow

BXL0040 Swirl Jewels White on yellow & BXL0041 Swirl Jewels Emerald

BXL0042 Swirl Jewels Garnet on white & BXL0043 Swirl Jewels Mixed on yellow


BL010 (green) RM200
6 petal flowers in Green. Covered with beautiful crystals.
Height/Width: 11cm

BL007 (yellow) RM150
'Orchid' in Yellow.
Height: 13cm, Width: 10cm

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