Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cream&Brown Flower Abaya Set

ACE005 RM215 - SOLD!
Button Front, cream and brown flower embroidery on back and entire sleeves.
Comes with matching scarf.

chest 114cm
length 144cm
Matching scarf 70cm X 172cm

Embroidery details on back:

Very pretty!

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almuna said...

salam elisa...
cantiknya yang ni...need to know whether the sleeves can be pulled pass the elbow. For wudhu' purpose. Is it big enough?. I have big arms(hi hi). Selalu tengok abaya cam ni sleeve dia mengecil di hujung. So jarang dapat beli.

elisataufik said...

yes, this one is very nice, kan?
The sleeve width for this one is 30cm (circumference). This is size 54, I think kalau size besar sikit (56 or 58) the sleeves will be relatively wider.
Alternatively, you can order a custom made one, with a request to make the sleeve as wide as you want.
This wednesday I can go and ask whether they can make it that way.
Send me an email to formerly request, if you're interested.

Mrs.FHM said...

Elisa...cun habis yg nih....

elisataufik said...

It's really nice! :)
I'm even considering having one myself kalau takde orang lain beli.. ha ha ha :D