Monday, February 9, 2009

Caring For Your Abaya

Caring instructions vary depending on:

Material -
Some materials are more delicate than others. High quality crepes and satins are more sturdy. Scratches or pulls are more obvious on satins, therefore might require more care. As much as possible, I look for abayas with better quality materials that can withstand machine wash.

Embellishments -
Beadings, sequins and crystals require more care than others. Check that the threads are strong and secure before attempting machine or handwashing heavily beaded/sequined abayas.
High quality crystals usually last longer than cheap ones and can withstand machine wash. I usually avoid buying cheap crystal abayas.
Embroidered abayas are usually easier to care, but they cannot be washed in warm/hot water , for fear of puckering the material.
Plain black abayas with no embellishments are the easiest to care for, as long as you don't throw them is the washer with a white fluffy t-shirt/towel (or a pair of pants with a tissue paper in the pocket!)

Workmanship -
Well tailored abayas are very sturdy and can withstand machine washing. Badly tailored ones may fray or rip after a few (or even one) wash. I strive to only sell you quality abayas.

Here are some guidelines to washing your abaya:

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is recommended for abayas with a lot of beading, sequins or crystals.


You can also hand wash your abaya using a mild detergent, one that is specifically for delicate material.
If your abaya has a lot of embellishments, avoid rubbing on the embellishments too much.
If you need to rub/brush the abaya, test a small hidden spot (like at the very bottom) to ensure that you wont damage the material.Only rub/brush at the stained area.
Gently wring out water from the abaya and hang to dry.

Machine Wash

Abayas that has embroidery, patchwork or no embellishments can be machine washed.
Always use the delicate cycle for washing your abayas.
Use the cold water setting.
Use mild detergent specifically for delicates (or special abaya detergent if it's available in your area).
Wash abayas on their own or only with other black garments. There is nothing worse than getting white lint on your black abaya!
Hang to dry.


To dry your abaya in the electric dryer, use the delicate cycle or the lowest setting.
This will avoid the threads on the embellishments shrinking and puckering the material.

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