Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Butterfly Abaya

ACE002 RM125 SOLD to Hayat
Button Front, Butterfly embroidery on sleeves, bottom front and back
chest 116cm, length 150cm (unhemmed)

Details on back, sleeves and bottom front:

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CuTi3_p3aNut said...

finaz nk nih kak elisa..

elisataufik said...

okay, I put booked by Finaz. Dah send payment info.
Will take off available list once confirm payment ya.

nurhayati said...

alaaa...cantiknya...tapi dah kena book :D

hmm...cari la lagi abaya yg cantik and simple cam ni Kak Jo...kitaorg mmg suka pakai abaya...senang... sarung aje atas tshirt and jeans...cuma susah nak cari yg menarik kat sini..kalau ada pun yg too heavily embroided atau terlalu bling bling

anyway all the best


elisataufik said...

finaz dah book, tapi dia belum bayar lagi.
She has till the 18th. Kalau by then dia belum bayar, then I will release the booking, and you can have it if you still want it.

ummu asiah said...


tq for responding to my comment..

i suka yg simple, butterfly ni menarik..and also the black one..cuma simple sgt pls find one yg lebihkurang sama dgn butterfly ni ye..if possible i tk nk yg sleeve nya kembang..sori la fussy pulak..price price range rm100-150 tu kira okla..

i kena ambil ukuran la dulu..will let u know..tq